7 December 2017

Dear Parents,

We have come to the end of 2017 and the fall semester for Your Writing Teacher. Because of my family-care issues, this semester, in lieu of weekly classes, I offered 4 camps at my home in Azle: Grammar, Content Development, Persuasive Writing, and Humor. Students have done activities in class in addition to working on essays as homework.

Now that we have reached the end and I have had time to truly reflect on the semester, I believe the educational outcomes were mixed. Students who were able to attend all four camps received a comprehensive picture of the elements of good writing plus cumulative practice in building stronger sentences and correcting common punctuation errors. However, I think that the drive to Azle and the once-a-month schedule combined to create a sporadic experience for about one-third of the originally enrolled group.

Additionally, I really missed having more consistent face time with each student. One of my major strengths as a teacher is being able to meet students where they are (in terms of skill level and intellectual development) and bring them to the next level. The once-a-month format isn’t conducive to this.

So, taking an objective evaluation of the fall semester into account, and factoring in the continuing demands of caregiving, I am choosing to pursue a different path for the spring of 2018. I will be able to offer weekly or bi-weekly tutoring, either in Azle or a place of your choice, for one to two students at a time.

Private tutoring is truly the best option for students to make optimal progress. Each moment is focused on them and their needs. Each assignment challenges the students to build skills exactly where they need to.  And, because tutoring is so focused, students can usually make a semester’s worth of progress in about 75% of the time.

I plan to be available for both in-person tutoring and remote tutoring. In-person sessions mean I sit down with your students for one hour, giving assignments (or using homework you provide), working on any problem areas, and reviewing finished papers.

Remote tutoring would be a bit different. Students can work on paper assignments from other classes, or they will receive an assignment from me with a video/audio overview. Then, after having time for preliminary work, remote students will meet with me electronically at a scheduled time—via Skype, Google Docs, by phone, etc.—to address issues and receive specific instruction. Remote students would send drafts online, receive feedback, and make corrections or revisions as needed.

My website will have all the information you need about available days, times, and pricing.  I will probably start tutoring sessions the week of January 22nd. I hope to have all of the details published by December 18th at www.yourwritingteacher.com.

Thank you for allowing me to find a way to continue teaching your students while I meet the needs of my older relatives. I hope to be of service to you. Please talk to me about special concerns you might have for your student’s writing.


Warm regards,

Donna Samudio

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