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Writing is both skill and art. It takes practice and instruction to make progress and become a fantastic writer. That’s why Your Writing Teacher exists: to help teens and adults reach their full potential with written English for academic or business purposes.

The best progress is made through Tutoring. I offer both in-person and remote sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly, for one or two people at a time. Tutoring Information.

The other option is 3-week Intensive classes (limited to 6 students) that meet Monday-Thursday, 1.5 hours a day, for 3 weeks. Next to tutoring, these sessions provide the next best outcome. Get the details about 3-Week Intensive class.

Private tutoring is truly the best option for students to make optimal progress. Each moment is focused on them and their needs. Each assignment challenges the students to build skills exactly where they need to.  And, because tutoring is so focused, students can usually make a semester’s worth of progress in about 75% of the time.

In-person sessions mean I sit down with your students for one hour, giving assignments (or using homework you provide), working on any problem areas, and reviewing finished papers. This method provides the best outcome for all students. 

Remote tutoring would be a bit different. Students can work on paper assignments from other classes, or they will receive an assignment from me with a video/audio overview. Then, after having time for preliminary work, remote students will meet with me electronically at a scheduled time—via Skype, Google Docs, by phone, etc.—to address issues and receive specific instruction. Remote students would send drafts online, receive feedback, and make corrections or revisions as needed.

Options for Tutoring Information or 3-Week Intensive class


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