Individualized Tutoring with Your Writing Teacher

Your Writing Teacher is no longer

accepting new students

Health Guidelines for In-person Tutoring

I want to say a deep and sincere thank you

  • to all the parents who allowed me to teach their children


  • to all the students who enriched my life during our sessions together. I will remember our time together with fondness and appreciation!


Why Tutoring?

Writing is both skill and art. It takes practice and instruction to make progress and become a fantastic writer.  Many curricula are good at emphasizing grammar rules or requiring a certain form. However, powerful writing is a matter of matching the structure and expression to the function. Merging depth and thought with form and mechanical correctness is the goal of every piece of strong, successful writing.

It often takes a person–an experienced instructor and editor–to help students make permanent changes and breakthroughs in their writing. That’s why Your Writing Teacher exists: to help teens and adults reach their full potential with written English for academic or business purposes.

Through Tutoring, students learn how to access their ideas and put them into a successful essay. Students gain confidence as their skills grow. They learn how to use grammar and punctuation in accordance with standard American English usage. They also experience the magic of writing by seeing their content come to life through a variety of vocabulary, approaches, and purposes.

     Private Tutoring is truly the best option for students to make optimal progress. Each moment is focused on them and their needs. Each assignment challenges the students to build skills exactly where they need to.  And, because tutoring is so focused, students can usually make a semester’s worth of progress in about 75% of the time.

    In private Tutoring sessions,  I sit down with your students for one hour, giving assignments (or using homework you provide), working on any problem areas, and reviewing finished papers. This method provides the best outcome for all students. 

Your Curriculum or Mine . . .

Your Writing Teacher is flexible in working with you and your plan for your child. The Tutoring can supplement curriculum from school, either private or public, or home school. If you prefer, however, Your Writing Teacher will use some of the many assignments and lessons developed over the past 18 years. Something new coming in the fall of 2018 are literature-based lessons where students read poetry, short stories, and novels to learn the basics of talking about literature, and finally, practice the intricate work of writing about literature in preparation for college.

Your Place or Mine . . .

Your Writing Teacher is currently offering Tutoring in her home studio in Azle or at your location. Contact Your Writing Teacher for information about available days and directions of travel.

Weekly or Bi-weekly . . .

Meeting every week or every other week ensures that students stay motivated and that they receive quick feedback on their work. For Bi-weekly schedules, students are usually required to submit some part of their work via email or google.docs during the off week. This helps keep them on task and provides feedback. Your Writing Teacher is always happy to offer assistance through email or by text regardless of the session schedule.



Your Guide To Powerful Writing for Teens and Adults