Summer and Fall Classes

Summer 2011

Tutoring appointments available for

Writing            Research          Spelling help

 Tutoring sessions last 70 minutes each

Cost= $20/session

 Fall 2011

Two writing classes and one online course are now forming for the fall semester. Visit the Course Descriptions tab above for further information about the scope of each class.

 Writing 1.75 (students aged 13-18):  This 12-week class focuses on maximum one-on-one instruction in the basics of good essay writing.

 Writing 2.0 (students 14 and up):  In this 12-week course, students will explore a thematic topic approach to academic and personal essays. The content will deal with abstract ideas; therefore, no students younger than 14 will be enrolled.

 Classes to meet on Thursdays, time and place to be decided.

Cost: $120/semester.

Writing 2.5 High School Writing with Experience (ONLINE): This “class” will be for students who have already completed Writing 2.0 and who are ready for a greater challenge. Students and I will meet online at a specified time each week. Then students will work independently on their essays, submitting papers via email and receiving feedback and grades by return email. This class is ideal for busy students who already have mastered the basics of good writing, who want more practice, and who would have trouble attending a traditional class setting due to scheduling difficulties.

 Contact or use the contact form on the Contact tab above for all questions or to pre-enroll your student.

 Sneak Preview for future classes:

Spring 2012 Classic Western Literature; 2012-2013 American Literature; 2013-2014 British Literature. A Writing class or two may also be offered each year in addition.